How it all began…

The Tartero brothers Giorgio and Francesco were born in the province of Sondrio near Lake of Como in the North Italian Lombardy region, a region famous for traditional food and excellent red wines. Back in time, Felice Tartero, the father of today’s Pasta Sassella owners, used to make from his own hands, fresh Pasta for his family every Sunday. His fresh Pasta only consisted of durum wheat semolina and fresh eggs. Back then, Francesco was taught by his father how to make traditional Italian Pasta, and he followed his instructions with great enthusiasm. Francesco started refining his own technique over the years, amplified the product range, and invented completely new recipes for his own fresh Pasta.

Francesco’s eight-year elder brother Giorgio embarked upon his journey to Germany, to the old capital Bonn in particular, in 1974. After various positions in high-class gastronomy and hospitality outlets, he finally took the opportunity to accomplish his biggest dream: opening and running his own restaurant, and introducing exceptional dishes from the North Italian Valtellina Valley. To be able to serve traditional Pasta dishes, Francesco joined his brother in 1983. Together, they started their triumphal march in the German Rhineland region and served the finest food to their ever increasing number of clients, while focusing on the tradition taught by their father Felice. While Francesco took care of the kitchen, cooked and handmade fresh Pasta according to Felice’s traditional recipe, Giorgio greeted and served the clients with Italian charm. As Bonn used to be the capital of West Germany during that time, even important politicians counted as the brothers’ customer base. As the traditional handmade Pasta attracted so many customers, the restaurant soon was too small. Consequently, Giorgio and Francesco opened their second high-class gastronomy outlet, the famous Ristorante Sassella in Bonn-Kessenich, in order to continue serving their specialties and pampering their guests.

After opening a small Pasta production hall in 1997, the demand for Sassella – Pasta increased steadily and the served area expanded drastically. As a result, Giorgio and Francesco decided to buy a piece of land in the nearby city of Rheinbach, and they built a larger production hall named Pasta Sassella in 2000. Sassella is the name of a famous wine yard near their small hometown Berbenno, located in the Valtellina Valley. The outcome is a production hall for fresh and traditional Italian Pasta, led by an old family recipe, with the highest quality due to the choice of premium ingredients such as durum wheat semolina and whole egg.