Finest Italian Moments – Made in Germany

Pasta Sassella produces fresh premium Pasta in all imaginable varieties in their production hall since 1997. The high quality is the result of using only fresh and natural ingredients such as premium durum wheat semolina and fresh eggs. Whole egg from Lombardy is delivered on a weekly basis for guaranteeing the natural and typical yellow color of Sassella’s famous Pasta. In addition, only the purest ingredients such as spinach, tomatoes, peppers or even squid ink are used for Sassella’s specialties and for giving natural colors and flavors since Tagliatelle are produced in green, red, black, and with basil. 

Today, Pasta Sassella is very well-known in Germany as well as the bordering countries for its fresh premium Tagliatelle and Macaroni, which are sold in many different varieties. Wholesalers as well as grocery store chains sell Pasta Sassella products to hotels, restaurants, and private customers. The famous KaDeWe store in Berlin is the best example for demonstrating the success of the premium Pasta made by Sassella.