Italian Pasta Dreams

Fresh Pasta made out of durum wheat semolina and fresh eggs. Sassella does not use any conservatives and the shelf life is 6-8 weeks (BBD). The typical rugged surface can hold the sauce better and guarantees the unique and exceptional taste. Tagliatelle and Macaroni are produced in different colors, sizes and shapes, and have to be chilled since they are fresh products. For additional product descriptions including ingredients, allergy information and nutritional values please click on a product name.

Pasta lunga all’uovo – Fresh egg Pasta (long)
Tagliarini (4 mm, white)
Tagliarini (4 mm, green)
Tagliarini (4 mm, red)
Tagliarini (4 mm, black)
Tagliarini (4 mm, tricolore: white, green and red)
Tagliarini (4 mm, with basil)
Fettuccine/Tagliatelle (6 mm, white)
Fettuccine/Tagliatelle (6 mm, green)
Spaghettini (2 mm, white)
Pappardelle (18 mm, white)

Pasta corta all’uovo – Fresh egg Pasta (short)
Maccheroni (white)
Maccheroni (tricolore: white, green and red)
Fusilloni (18 mm, white, spiral-shaped)
Garganelli (white, tube-shaped with ribbed surface)
Farfalle (white, butterfly-shaped)

Pasta fresca senza uovo – Fresh Pasta without egg
Fusilloni al farro (18 mm, whole spelt wheat semolina,
Spaghettoni corti (short Spaghetti)
Pizzoccheri (buckwheat Tagliatelle)