Highest Quality – 100% Pleasure

Pasta Sassella is certified by IFS – the International Food Standard certification scheme. The fresh Pasta products are not precooked; they are pasteurized and modified atmosphere packaged after production. This special packing guarantees the Pasta to reach the consumer as fresh as it left production. Moreover, Sassella does not use any conservatives and the shelf life of the fresh products is 6 to 8 weeks (BBD). High-quality coarsely ground durum wheat semolina makes sure the Pasta is likely to remain “al dente” and absorbs liquid during the cooking process. For instance, 250g packaged Pasta amounts to 400g on the plate – an ideal advantage regarding cost calculations. Since Sassella’s Pasta have a rugged surface, they can hold the sauce better and have a more intensive taste.

The modern machinery which is used for production includes a special bronze die, through which the dough is drawn, and is the opposite of a Teflon die which is likely to give the usual smooth surface. The result is not only the rugged surface with an exceptional taste; it is also a guarantee for Sassella’s well-known and unique premium quality Pasta, and demanded by a wide range of customers.