Pasta Sassella

A gastronomical success story

From the Valtellina via Bonn to Rheinbach

Giorgio and Francesco Tartero opened their own Italian restaurant in Bonn-Kessenich in July 1983. After various stints in the hotel and restaurant business, the brothers realised their dream of independence by taking over the established "Amigo" and developing it into the famous "Sassella". Both were born in Sondrio in Lombardy (Italy), attended hotel management school there at a young age, and came to Germany in 1973 (Giorgio) and 1981 (Francesco).

Schwarz-Weiß-Foto, Brüder Tartero

Francesco mainly cooked fresh pasta dishes according to his father's old recipes - genuinely handmade, using only durum wheat semolina and fresh eggs. Giorgio served, organised, sold and looked after the guests. Together they continue to develop their cuisine and, despite their immense success and all the work they do with the "Sassella", they have never stood still on the path to pasta that tastes like home.

Their quality became known in the region in a short time. Politicians of the Bonn Republic, national and international celebrities filled the guest books. More restaurants and a delicatessen followed. Soon colleagues and friends were knocking on the door to buy the fresh pasta too. The kitchens of the restaurants quickly became too small for the amount of orders from customers.

Ristorante Sassella in Bonn Kessenich

The idea of their own pasta production was born. In 1997, the two agile Italians set up a small but very special pasta factory in Rheinbach near Bonn.

Gebrüder Tartero vor ihrer Pastamanufaktur

Francesco had a traditional bronze press, which is essential for the quality of homemade pasta, made according to his specifications. Quality knows no compromise! Always true to the motto: "Sempre fresca!" (Always fresh!)

Pasta Sassella has become a medium-sized company. It delivers its delicious pasta from Rheinbach with Transport companies throughout Germany and neighbouring countries. Pasta Sassella drivers deliver to customers in the surrounding area.

Pasta Sassella

Pasta Sassella is an
IFS certified company.

IFS-zertifiziertes Unternehmen

Since 1997, all variations of pasta have been produced in Rheinbach with today around 30 employees in 2-shift operation. The products from Pasta Sassella are always fresh. They are packaged in a protective atmosphere on modern production lines immediately after production so that the pasta arrives at the customer just as fresh as when it left the production line. When stored in a cool place, the minimum shelf life of our fresh pasta is up to 8 weeks.

100% Francesco

The bronze press, specially made to Francesco Tartero's specifications, ensures that the surface of the pasta is roughened and therefore absorbs the sauces better.

Pasta Sassella, Produktion
Frische Pasta

Giorgio and Francesco say:

Only the best for our customers - thanks to the high quality of our ingredients. Sempre fresca… BON APPETITO…

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