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Want to know more about Pasta Sassella?

Then take a look at the programme "Die Malocher - Herausforderungen durch Auftragsboom und Abstiegsangst" on ZDF-Info. It will give you an insight into the production, history and unique taste of our pasta specialities. Here is the link to the programme!

The Sassella family
Pasta ala Tartero

Lombardy is considered the motherland of fresh pasta. Our homeland.

The tradition of homemade fresh pasta is still widespread here. The fresh pasta is made by the so-called "sfoglinas". Our sfoglina was our father Felice Tartero. Felice made fresh pasta for the whole family every Sunday morning. By hand - according to recipes handed down from generation to generation.

We are proud to carry on this tradition. "Sempre fresca!" This stands for delicious, fresh pasta without flavour enhancers and preservatives. Just like we learned it from our father Felice.


We are Giorgio and Francesco Tartero, owners and managing directors of Pasta Sassella Tartero GmbH and, last but not least, its founders from the very beginning. After many years in our restaurants, we now take care of product development, production and distribution of the fresh pasta products. And, of course, making sure that they always taste the way they did when our father Felice made them.

Giorgio Tartero
Director of Sales

Giorgio Tartero

From ribbon to spiral and tubular pasta, filled specialities, traditional pasta varieties without egg to gnocchi as well as sauces: we offer you the taste of Italy on your plate.

Francesco Tartero
Managing Director Production

Francesco Tartero

Our products are packed in a protective atmosphere immediately after production. This keeps the pasta fresh for a long time.


Sales / Customer Service

Silke Stahl
Sales Manager and Assistant
of the management
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Nicole Zobel
Order processing
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Lothar May
Order processing/purchasing
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Marion Caspar-Tartero
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Marcus Przygoda
Order processing
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Kai Limmer
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Imad Zeroual
Production Manager
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Barbara Walterbach
Quality management
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Accounting / Administration

Jackie Tartero
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Jennifer Büttner
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